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November 20th
Joseph W.
45 yo.
19 years
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A graduating student of the prestigious university. Married for 19 years. He is a manager of the advertising company. Got fucked by his own secretary, the seducing process has taken just 4 days, after that he has been ready to carry out all her wishes.

November 10th
Fred P.
39 yo.
15 years
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Bank employee. Got fucked by the client of the bank. The first fuck came over just in the toilet of the bank. The seducing process took just 40 minutes from the moment of their acquaintance.

October 30th
Xavier B.
41 yo.
17 years
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Xavier B. 41 yo . Married for 17 years. The owner of the filling station. Got fucked by one of his girl-workers. The seducing process has taken 2 weeks. Ready to divorce.

October 20th
Graham S.
53 yo.
21 years
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A retired officer. Married for 21 years. Got fucked by the chance girl-traveller, he has given her a lift once. The seducing process has taken 1 hour. Likes to carry out all sexual wishes of his lover.

August 10th
Michael K.
39 yo.
10 years
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Michael K. 39 yo. Married for 10 years. Jobless. Got acquainted with his lover on the labour exchange. Got fucked on the 8th day of his acquaintance. Now he is divorced.

July 30th
Joseph M..
48 yo.
12 years
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Joseph M. 48 yo. Second time married for 12 years. Works as a paramedic. Got fucked during his visit to the barber's. The seducing process has taken 20 minutes. Ready for the third marriage.




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