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October 10th
Jay S.
44 yo.
7 years
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Second time married for 7 years. He makes metallurgical works. Got fucked by the waitress of the bar where he likes to spend time. The seducing process has taken 1,5 months, now his lover has a full power over him.

September 30th
Enrico V.
49 yo.
26 years
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Enrico V. 49 yo. Married for 26 years. He works as an installator. Got fucked by the client during his working visit. The seducing process has taken 20 minutes. Has a big experience in communication with young women.

September 20th
Thomas V.
54 yo.
25 years
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Thomas V. 54 yo. Married for 25 years. The owner of the bar. Got fucked by his own waitress. The seducing process has taken 5 days. After she has carried out his anal dreams he is ready to divorce.

September 10th
Gordon A.
48 yo.
20 years
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A dustman. Got fucked in the cinema, just at a moment when he has been watching a film. The seducing process has taken 15 minutes. Now he meets his lover every day and carries out all her wishes.

August 30th
Bruno G.
61 yo.
35 years
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Bruno G. 61 yo. Married for 35 years. The owner of a little shop. Got fucked by his customer. The seducing process has taken for about 3 months. Now she is working in his shop as a seller.

August 20th
Manuel S.
50 yo.
19 years
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Married for 19 years. A tool-maker on a knitted-goods factory. Got fucked by one of the new workers of the factory. The seducing process has taken 2 days. The meetings take place at her house, they plan a voyage to Cuba.




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